Yorkshire — A region ripe for M&A activity

The challenges facing businesses today are well documented, yet despite ongoing economic and geopolitical uncertainties, Yorkshire’s M&A market remains robust and there have been several high-profile deals in the region this year already which have received national attention.

3 min readApr 14, 2023


It’s clear that uncertain times can create real opportunities and this, combined with the creativity and determination to succeed that many Yorkshire business leaders are known for, is continuing to drive growth and fuel M&A activity.

At LDC, our pipeline is strong and we’re actively looking at investment opportunities to support high-growth businesses in sectors such as technology, healthcare and renewables. This could be to accelerate international expansion, drive acquisitive growth or achieve ESG goals — which is something we’re increasingly engaging with management teams about.

One of our most recent partnerships is with the technology business Cellhire, a global provider of mobile Voice and Data and Internet of Things (IoT) communications services, headquartered in York. Cellhire is an exciting business that’s at the forefront of innovation and we’re helping the team to broaden its proposition through further investment in technology and service across its international markets.

We’re also supporting York-based scarlettabbott, the UK’s leading employee engagement and internal communications consultancy as it creates a better world of work for its colleagues, clients and the industry as a whole. We continue to help the team at Leeds-headquartered Global Autocare, a provider of unique, flexible fleet solutions, to deliver its national growth plans and support its customers on their own ESG journeys as they transition towards low emission fleets.

Our region can be proud of the leading role it plays in several sectors, whether that’s the digital and data thought leaders in Leeds, to world-leading renewables capability in the Humber or the Advanced Manufacturing innovation in South Yorkshire. The expertise and diversity of both the people and the businesses that exist on our doorstep stack up against any other region nationally.

This, coupled with the unique strength of the local business and advisory community, means the opportunities for Yorkshire-based businesses to create value, generate employment and raise the profile of the region, is enviable.

The outlook for investment activity in Yorkshire remains strong and given LDC’s track record of investing through the cycle, I’m looking forward to partnering with more management teams seeking capital and support of an investment partner to help them achieve their growth ambitions.

Authored by James Marshall
Investment Director, Yorkshire, LDC

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